S. S. Allied

Ahoy, landlubber! The Allied fishing boat is off the starboard bow. This exciting craft will provide hours of fun for a neighborhood full of sailors. After you have taped the cartons together, you are ready to paint the S. S. ALLIED. Don’t forget to decorate your craft with a flag, a rope to keep her from running adrift, and an anchor.

Smooth sailing, mates, and have a good catch.



Step 1:Using a medium carton for the cabin, cut off end flaps as shaded. Then cut out a window, two portholes and an entrance from the back, as shaded. Step 2:For the boat itself, use a wardrobe carton. Cut out the shaded parts two and a half inches from the side.
Step 3:The bow is made from the top of a wardrobe carton. Cut and tape as marked. Score and fold down, then tape. Step 4:Tape the cartons together, then paint!Note: It is best to tape the cabin to the boat from the inside. For the stern you may tape an extra piece of board to the back of the boat