Our Value-Added Services

Shipping and logistics are just the beginning. Allied Special Products offers a wide range of specialty shipping services to provide more convenience and better value for our clients and their customers.

Packaging, Coordination and Destination Services Available from Allied

  • “Final placement” service that delivers your product right to the point of use.
  • Custom crating and packing designed specifically for shipping your high-value products.
  • Uncrated transportation and special trailers for shipping sensitive items that require extra-special handling procedures.
  • Last-on, first-off reservations to help reduce handling risks.
  • Specially-trained, two-person delivery teams to ensure proper handling.
  • Light assembly services to provide end-to-end, complete delivery service to your customers.
  • Custom IT solutions such as online order entry systems, electronic invoicing, and electronic proof of delivery statements.
  • Debris removal service to ensure your customers are completely satisfied.
  • Warehouse capabilities to safely and properly store your shipments.
  • Climate-controlled trailers as needed to regulate environmental factors en route.
  • Date-certain pick-up and delivery in major markets, providing punctual service you can count on.