Fine Art Transport

Many fine art pieces, such as statues and paintings, are highly sensitive to temperature, humidity, and “bumps” in the road. Allied’s Special Products fleet is equipped to protect your shipment from all of these potential dangers.

When necessary, Allied can provide transportation capabilities featuring vans specially equipped to control and continuously monitor the climate inside the van. Specific temperature and humidity levels can be set. Periodically throughout the trip, the on-board computer system measures and records these levels. When your shipment arrives, a record of these climate readings is available to you to verify that the proper environment has existed en route.

Allied’s Special Products fleet is fully-equipped with air-ride vans, minimizing the possible effects of a “bumpy” ride. Our 102-inch wide trailers feature wide side doors and are equipped with interior logistical tracks used to strap cargo in place and minimize movement.

Some treasures are simply irreplaceable. Paintings, sculptures, and other valuable pieces of fine art require extraordinary care to ensure safe transportation and delivery. No one understands fine art transportation better than Allied.

As a leader in high-value product shipping, Allied has decades of experience transporting priceless fine art for some of the most demanding clients in the world.

Moving fine art requires a delicate touch, dedicated personnel, and flexible resources that can accommodate unique needs. Allied delivers on all counts. Our fine art moving teams are trained within strict guidelines to ensure every shipment is handled appropriately. Our trailers are specially designed to move any size shipment of fine art, and our large fleet allows us to offer flexible scheduling or exclusive use of trailers for extra protection.

Additionally, we can provide 24-hour surveillance service and satellite tracking capabilities to ensure total security of your precious collection of fine art throughout its journey.

We understand that many works of art are more than simply valuable—they’re literally priceless, and cannot be repaired or replaced if damaged. That’s why we’re committed to doing everything necessary to ensure each fine art shipment we handle arrives at its destination safely, intact and on time. With Allied, every move is a masterpiece.